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Rainbow Export Fruit from South Africa Rainbow Export Fruit from South Africa

“We have been exporting grapes with the team from Rainbow Exports for more than 15 years, we value people and relationships. We followed the team through the years and always knew where we were going. Very honest and helpful in marketing and exporting our fruit. They are always prepared to walk the extra mile and this leads to the ability to create a service that cannot be found anywhere else.”

Vlok Hanekom Jnr, Die Mas Boerdery

"Rainbow and United Fruits don’t have a long history together yet but since the start everybody at United Fruits is amazed how Quality is an aspect of every part of the Rainbow-organisation, it’s people and it’s grapes. Very good, hard working, dedicated and honest people doing their utmost in the whole chain to deliver a top-quality product to us. We can only say that we are extremely proud to have Rainbow as a partner and as supplier of beautiful “Rainbow”-branded grapes it is a joy for United Fruits to distribute these wonderful grapes all over Europe!"

United Fruits Holland

“Spot on, Active Marketing, Decisive Procurement, Quality controll and Fluid Interaction between Rainbow Exports and Us Le Roux Grapes makes it a pleasure to do business with them. It gives us peace of mind, that our Superior product goes over the whole world in a safe, swift and controlled manner ensuring a fresh healthy bunch of grapes for all the tables in Europe and further abroad.”

Danie & Gerdus le Roux – Le Roux Grapes

“Bordeaux Fruit Packers has been doing business with the management of Rainbow Exports since 2007. We find them trustworthy, effective and we are not interested in using any other exporter. They are dynamic and up to date with new markets and varieties.”

Deon Bruwer, Bordeaux Vrugtepakkers BK

“We have been working with Alita and Henri for more than 10 years now. We value their high level of service and management efficiency, as well as the regularity and quality of the grapes supplied. The close, good-natured and always willing to help personal treatment that Rainbow Export bring to professional talks, constitute a differential and highly valued asset."

CMR Spain

"Alfred Price have been partners with Henri and his team for almost 20 years. A relationship which has been born out of trust, integrity and hard work. The service is rivalled by very few as they continue to supply great quality and service to Alfred price and hopefully for many years to come."

Phil McCaughrean from Alfred Price

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