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About Us

Rainbow Export Fruit Exporter to the World Rainbow Export Fruit Exporter to the World

At Rainbow Export we strive to spread the fruit happiness across the world.

We are inspired by sustainable growers and our growing areas range from traditional producing regions for grapes, citrus and berries in South Africa to newer and innovative regions in Namibia.

We are committed to ensuring good eating quality within a sustainable practice. To achieve this, we work with a select group of dedicated growers with sustainable practices that can obtain good eating quality through the planting of high-quality varieties.

With a mission to procure and deliver in demand fruit, at the right time, every time, all the time. Each product is thus tailored to the receiver’s requirements and is picked right at their peak to ensure consistency from one batch to the next. Our specialists are trained on the latest standards and procedures to ensure the best product reaches our customer, every time.

We also believe that if we look after people, the profit will look after itself. The fruit business is also a people’s business, where lifelong connections are formed.

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Top quality Grapes for the World Market
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